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Hyper Credit Network.

All in one solution with HPAY.


HPAY is a utility ERC20 token that allows merchants and users payment solution. HPAY solution consists of ETHEURUM blockchain in ecommerce platform.

HPAY allows merchants on Shopify and other ecommerce and in-store platforms to manage their own rewards, gift cards, promotional coupons, and store credits programs based on crypto tokens maintained by Hyper credit network.

HPAY used in Ethereum blockchain that provides instant confirmations, custom tokens with targeted smart contracts and functionality required for real world financial transaction processing.

Our mission is to make decentralized financial services acceptable all global citizens. Hyper credit network is the higher level security and performers with blockchain design under etherieum network. Our main intention to build a bridge between Internet user and crypto native application. Hyper credit network build with trusted infrastructure for the decentralized economy.

Almost all merchants use (or would like to use) some kind of closed loop payment system that handles their loyalty reward points, gift cards, store credits, or promotional discount coupons. HPAY Live offers an alternative to traditional closed loop systems, a solution based on blockchain. Loyal Shopper provides an end-to-end solution that supports both merchants and buyers.



Q1 2020

– Platform idea
– Company formation
– Community building
– Airdrop camping and bounty

Q1 2021

– Exchange listing
– Website development
– Whitepaper release and site optimization
– Marketplace platform veta release

Q2 2021

– Marketing and advertising
– HPAY formation and further development

Q3 2021

– Development of HPAY Blockchain subsystem
– Partnership and test net release
– HPAY target price 0.80$

Q4 2021

– Web wallet integrate
– HPAY main net testing
– Own marketplace platform launch
– HPAY in top 100 in CMC


NAME:                              Hyper Credit Network
SYMBOL:                         HPAY
DECIMAL:                        18
TOKEN TYPE:                 ERC20
TOTAL SUPPLY:             58123500
TOKEN CONTRACT:     0xF83d7fF2e4B43ebAd2fa534e621E31076f4d254C

Project Use of Funds

HPAY is limited to 58123500 (58M) supply. We are giving away 5% for community growing and 20%for business development as well as 35% for future financing and rest will be 15% for team and Partner furthermore 25% HPAY will be available for token sale.

Airdrop 5%
Business Dev 20%
Future Finance 35%
Team & Partner 15%
Token Sale 25%

Our Future Exchange


Hyper Credit Network team has significant experience with the development. Members of the executive team also have extensive experience in the e-commerce sector.

Michel Abayek

Founder and CEO

Samuel Bong

Co founder and platform developer

Rikle Cullin

platform developer and marketing enthusiast

Jara Thorilln

Social manager and marketing director

Mafu Leang

Social service and expert in ecommerce sector


If you need any query, Please feel free to contact us via our social media.